Brief On the Department

Department of Microbiology was created from the Department of Biology in April, 2002 where it was a degree option since 1982. The department has been restructured to take care of not only Food and Industrial Microbiology, but also Environmental and Medical Microbiology leading to the award of B.Tech. degree in Microbiology. This degree has remained very popular in the University as most graduates of the programme get placement, in food, medical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, packaging and agro-allied industries. The Department of Microbiology has adequate facilities for postgraduate programmes such as Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), Master of Technology (M.Tech) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees. Programme Philosophy The major endeavour of the Department is to provide the students with a broad based knowledge of modern theoretical and practical microbiology. The undergraduate programme in Microbiology is designed to train students in Microbiology techniques and to give the basic knowledge of the fundamental of Bacteriology, Mycology and Virology as well as an insight in the specialised and applied area of the subject and their relationship with other disciplines.


The objectives of the porogramme are to

i) Expose the students to both pure and applied courses in Microbiology, which satisfy the manpower needs of schools, institutions, industries, and hospitals.

ii) Permit the combination of the study of microbiology with subject such as Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Technology.

iii) Encourage independence and self-confidence in the students so that they can make meaningful contributions in whatever professional activity them may engage in.

iv) Combine theoretical principles with a realistic approach to the problems and needs of a developing country such as Nigeria.

v) Equip graduates with sufficient knowledge to enable them to undertake postgraduate work in Microbiology and related disciplines in Pure and Applied Sciences.


To be eligible for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Honours in Microbiology under this program, a student must satisfy:

a) the University requirements, including satisfactory completion (pass) of all the GNS (General Studies) courses.

b) The School of Sciences requirements by passing all the foundation courses.

c) The Departmental requirement by passing all the Departmental compulsory courses and electives. The minimum number of units required for graduation are as follows:


100 44

200 44

300 40

400 30

500 31



Requirements for students intending to read for the B.Tech Degrees in Microbiology are those for entry into the University.

a) For the five-year program; candidates must posses G.C.E. O’ L or S.S.C.E with credit passes in five (5) subjects, which must include Biology or Agricultural Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Language and Physics.

b) For admission into second year of the degree program (direct entry) candidates must have passed:

i) At least three subjects at the advanced level of the General Certificate of Education or its equivalent, which must include

Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics

ii) National Diploma Certificate in related Sciences with a minimum grade of Upper Credit.