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 1. Nigerian Society for Microbiology (Membership No.AO46) 2. National Association of Women Academics 3. Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology 4. American Society for Microbiology (Membership No. 56334238) 5. Third World Organization for Women in Science, Trieste, Italy. 6. New York Academy of Sciences
 (a) Primary: Ijeru Baptist Day School, Ogbomosho, Jan., 1969 july,1974 (b) Secondary: Baptist High School, Shaki, Sept., 1974 June, 1979 (c) Tertiary: (i) University of Ife, Ile- Ife, Nigeria - 1980-1984 (ii) University of Ife, Ile- Ife, Nigeria - 1985-1987 (iii) Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife, Nigeria - 1987-1993
 Extra Curricula Activities (a) Activities within the University: (i) Departmental SIWES Coordinator, 1995 to1999. (ii) Member, Board of Studies, School of Sciences, FUTA – 1995 to date. (iii) Departmental Coordinator, Graduate Studies, Microbiology Option, Biology Department, 1997 - 99. (iv) Member, Postgraduate Advisory Committee, School of Sciences, 1997 - 1999, 2002 - 2004. (v) Representative of School of Sciences in the meeting with the University Council Chairman, 1998. (vi) Departmental Coordinator, ISLT Programme, Microbiology Option, 1998 - 2002. (vii) Representative of School of Sciences on the Board of Studies of SAAT, FUTA, Akure, 2001 - 2004. (viii) Departmental Coordinator, Graduate Studies, Microbiology Department, 2002- 2004 (ix) Departmental Coordinator, PGD Microbiology Programme, Center for Continuing Education, FUTA. 2002- 2004. (x) Representative of the University to ETF Capacity Building Workshop, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, September, 11th – 15th, 2006. (xii) Acting HOD, Microbiology Dept., March, 2007 - Aug., 2009. (xiii) Member, Committee for the Establishment of School of Health Sciences and Technology, 2007 to date. (xiv) Member, Bakery Advisory Committee, FUTA, 2007 to 2008. (xv) Member, FUTA Bakery Board, 2008 to date (xvi) Member, Committee, FUTA Table Water, 2007 to date. (xvii) Member, University Senate, FUTA, 2007 to date. (xviii) Member, Vice Chancellor’s Special Committee, FUTA, 2007 to date. (xix) Chairperson, Quality Assurance Team, Bakery Board, FUTA, 2008 to 2010. (xx) Member, Committee on Academic Quality Assurance, 2008 to date. (xxi) Member, Committee on Investigation of Cult related activities in FUTA, 2009 to date. (xxii) Chairperson, Committee on Investigation of the misuse of FUTA Water tanker, 2009. (xxiii) Member, University Time Table Committee, 2010. (xxiv) Member, Committee on the Utilisation of Direct Teaching and Laboratory Cost, School of Sciences, 2010. (xxv) Member, Committee on FUTA Dam Project, 2010. (xxvi) Editor in Chief, Journal of Research in Science and Management, School of Sciences, FUTA, Aug., 2010 to date. (b) Activities outside the University: 1. Articles Reviewer for Journal of Raw Materials Research, 2004 to date. 2. Articles Reviewer for Journal of Medicinal Plant Research, 2009 to date. 3. Resource Person, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Ondo State, 2003-2004. 4. H.O.D. Christian Education Department, Church of the Living Stone, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. 5. An ordained minister of the gospel.