Ajayi Tolulope Michael (Publications)
Publisher Center For Research And Development (CERAD), FUTA
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Influence Of Temperature And Water Vapour On Surface Refractivity In Akure, South -Western Nigeria.
Publication Authors ADEDIJI, A. T., ROTIMI, C.O. and AJAYI, T.M.
Year Published 2012
Preliminary results of the on-going measurements of some atmospheric weather
parameters in Akure (7 15’N, 512’E), South Western Nigeria are presented. The measurements
were made using a Wireless Weather Station (Integrated Sensor Suite, ISS) positioned at the
ground surface (0 m) at Iju in Akure North Local Government area of Ondo State. The study
utilized the data for the first three years of measurement (2007-2009). From these measured
parameters, atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity were extracted and used to
compute radio refractivity. The monthly mean of the temperature, relative humidity and the computed
surface refractivity for the three-year period were also obtained. The variation of the surface
refractivity with relative humidity (water vapour term) and with temperature were analyzed. The
results obtained show that during the rainy season, refractivity has higher values. In the dry
season on the other hand, refractivity has lower values.